Balance Engineer - £450/day

Travel/Setup - £250/day

Assistant/Technical Engineer - £200/day

Accommodation - At Cost

Additional Specialist Equipment - At Cost

(Engineer & Travel/Setup fees include all equipment & travel costs within England & Wales - For trips further afield please get in contact for travel costs & associated expenses)



I don't do any producing but I have a number of colleagues that I work with on a regular basis who I'm more than happy to recommend.

Rates are available on request.


Post Production:

ALL Post Production is charged at £30/hour


Fixed Cost fees:

At times having a single fixed cost for a project makes it easier to plan and therefore I'm happy to offer all in quotes for the vast majority of situations. I only do this once I've spoken to an artist or label about their requirements and have a clear understanding of what's required in order to deliver the project to the highest standard.